Winter Storm Impacts Eastern US Tuesday to Friday-Update


As most of you already know, a significant winter storm is developing over Texas this afternoon and will gain strength as it moves east tonight, through the Southeastern US Wednesday and up the East Coast Wednesday night into Thursday.

Confidence is high for a major ice storm through the Gulf States into the Southeastern US, while heavy snows fall from the Southern Appalachians into the Northeastern US. Severe impacts to the NAS are likely. The latest winter outlook forecast is now available.

Many airlines are already pre-canceling flights in advance of the storm, a trend that we've seen for the past 18 months, so we do not expect significant diversion activity associated with the storm. However, we do expect widespread passenger disruptions and a potentially protracted recovery period as the airlines seek to re-accommodate passengers from canceled flights.

Availability of DowType IV Deicing Fluid?

Information concerning the availability of Dow Type IV deicing fluid is of particular interest to airports. Charlotte Douglas has reported Dow has a shortage that may affect airports up the east coast (including Charlotte). While the airport is attempting to secure fluid from other providers, we are trying to ascertain if other airports are facing the same issue?

What ACI-NA is Doing

ACI-NA will continue to closely monitoring the storm and airline and FAA reactions to it. We have already been in contact with air traffic specialists from IATA and A4A regarding the storm's impacts and will continue to do so as the storm progresses. We will provide updates regarding the storm as appropriate over the next few days. We also know that those of you in the storm's path are also closely monitoring its progress and preparing for its effects and recovery operations afterwards.

If you have information that you want to report or disseminate to the broader airport community regarding the storm, please send it to We also encourage airport operators to track operational status of the national airspace system either via your local FAA air traffic representatives or via Passur's Airport Information Network.

Points of Contact

Please contact Chris Oswald  or Paul Eubanks if you have questions, comments, or need additional information regarding this topic.