World Passenger Traffic Showing Gains in July 2011

Passenger demand rose in July 2011 with the world airports reporting a 5 percent increase compared to July 2010, according to ACI’s Pax Flash released earlier last week.

 International passenger traffic increased by 7 percent, while domestic traffic increased by 4 percent. Year-to-date, world passenger traffic increased by 6 percent with international traffic up by 8 percent and domestic passenger traffic up by 4 percent.

 North American international traffic grew 4.1 percent in July over a year ago. The Latin American/Caribbean region contributed to the largest gain of 10 percent, showing continuous growth. The political unrest earlier this year continues to plague North Africa’s passenger traffic resulting in a decline of 7.1 percent. International traffic was down 11.6 percent; however, domestic traffic was up 2.7 percent, showing signs of recovery compared to previous months.

 Total freight worldwide in July 2011 decreased by 6 percent compared to July 2010 with international freight down by over 1 percent and domestic freight down 12 percent, according to the ACI’s Freight Flash. Year-to-date, total freight declined by 5.6 percent with international down 1.2 percent and domestic down 11.7 percent.

The North America region contributed to the greatest decline of 12.5 percent in freight traffic, total international and domestic freight traffic declined 1.8 percent and 15.8 percent respectively, compared to July of the previous year.  Only the Latin American/Caribbean region showed a modest growth of 3.3 percent from July 2010, compared to all other regions showing either stagnant or negative growth.

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