JumpStart 2014

ACI-NA’s JumpStart Air Service Development Program is the industry’s premier airport-airline marketing event. 2014 will mark the 17th year as part of the ACI-NA Marketing and Communication Conference, taking place in Edmonton, AB, Canada from Monday, June 23 to Thursday, June 26. This year's host hotel is the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald, Edmonton. JumpStart will begin at 2pm on Wednesday, June 25, followed by the traditional full day of meetings beginning at 8am and concluding at 5pm on Thursday, June 26.

Important JumpStart Dates   


January 28 - JumpStart Meet&Match launched 

May 19 - JumpStart e-mails preliminary meeting schedule to airport
May 30 - Conference payment due for meeting schedule confirmation
June 2 - EarlyBird Deadline for JumpStart registration     
June 2 - Deadline for ACI-NA hotel discount rate
June 18 - JumpStart emails final meeting schedule to airports



Important JumpStart Links

What's JumpStart About? Why Attend?
Top Tips: JumpStart Meet&Match
Online Registration Demo
FAQ's - Automatic Scheduling & Wishlist

Who's Coming?
Who Came?


JumpStart registration has two stages:

(1) Register with JumpStart Meet&Match to submit your wish list (before May 2). We'll then send your draft JumpStart schedule on May 19. Previous attendees will have their previous profile information already loaded, please click 'Returning Airport Registration'. New airports will have to create a new profile.  
(2) Register for the conference, and proceed with payment (click here). Please register before the EarlyBird deadline to ensure your meetings with airlines! EarlyBirds get discounts! Please note that the log in details to register for the conference (payment) are different to the JumpStart Meet&Match log in details. 



If you are interested in attending Jumpstart this year, please email jumpstart@aci-na.org.

The deadline to register for Jumpstart 2014 was May 2. Please continue to contact us if you are interested in attending, however if you register after May 2, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your preferred airline meetings.


If you are interested in attending JumpStart 2014 and would like a table, please contact us at jumpstart@aci-na.org

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us any time at jumpstart@aci-na.org, or alternatively call (202)293-8500.

JumpStart Airline Representation Policy

JumpStart strives to provide value to both participating airports and airlines. Therefore, airlines that choose to attend JumpStart are not permitted to be represented by a consultant or another third party organization. The chosen representative(s) must be direct employees of the airline itself. ACI-NA reserves the right to refuse, within its sole discretion, participation in Jumpstart.