ACI-NA and AAAE Send Joint Letter to President Trump on Infrastructure and Regulatory Relief

WASHINGTON –On the heels of the Trump administration releasing its Fiscal Year 2018 budget request last week, which articulated several infrastructure investment principles supported by the administration, ACI-NA and AAAE sent a letter to President Trump yesterday explaining how eliminating the federal cap on the Passenger Facility Charge and providing regulatory relief to airports are wholly consistent with those infrastructure principles.  As the letter states:

With regard to the local PFC user fee, it is clear that doing away with this outdated and unnecessary federal restriction would allow airports to become more financially independent from the federal government and help them leverage private sector funding for significant capital projects – goals that correspond directly with principles you have identified for an eventual infrastructure investment package…

On the airport regulatory relief front, AAAE and ACI-NA have shared with your staff a lengthy list of specific proposals that would reduce unwanted federal interference and empower airports to operate more like businesses.  Cutting federal red tape could also speed up the time it takes airports to build critical infrastructure projects that increase capacity, support jobs and impact our economy.  We hope you will keep these airport-specific recommendations in mind as you and your team continue to work to roll back burdensome, costly, and unnecessary regulations.

You can find the full letter here.