ACI-NA Press Releases

Post date Press Release Subject
July 14, 2015 Travelers Continue to Benefit from Mobile Passport App
July 6, 2015 125 airports report on their progress in airport industry’s global climate change programme
June 22, 2015 ACI-NA Welcomes Neffenger’s Confirmation to be TSA Administrator
May 29, 2015 Passengers Call on Congress to ‘Upgrade My Airport’ via Massive Digital Media Campaign
April 28, 2015 ACI-NA Welcomes Neffenger Nomination to Lead TSA
April 22, 2015 ACI-NA Honors 2015 Inclusion Champions
April 22, 2015 ACI-NA Recognizes Airport Finance Professionals with New Annual Award
April 22, 2015 JFK Winner of Overall Griesbach Award of Excellence at 2015 ACI-NA Concessions Awards
April 20, 2015 ACI-NA Supports DHS’s Approach on the Development of Airport Access Control Measures
April 16, 2015 ACI-NA Annual Conference & Exhibition Named ‘Fastest Growing’ Show
March 25, 2015 20 Carbon Neutral Airports & Even More Engaged in Addressing Their Carbon Footprints
March 17, 2015 U.S. Airport Infrastructure Needs Through 2019 Total $75.7 Billion
March 14, 2015 ACI-NA Congratulates Christopher Hart on Senate Confirmation as NTSB Chairman
February 13, 2015 ACI-NA Statement on Planned Executive Actions to Improve International Arrivals Process
February 2, 2015 As Significant Year for Airports Takes Off, President’s Budget a Key First Step to Modernizing Airports across America
Post date Press Release Subject
November 21, 2014 ACI-NA Welcomes U.S./Mexico Air Transport Agreement
October 31, 2014 ACI-NA Marks One-Year Anniversary of LAX Shooting
October 16, 2014 Airport Industry Commends TSA Administrator Pistole for His Service
October 8, 2014 Statement by ACI-NA President and CEO Kevin M. Burke
September 30, 2014 Airport Associations Team Up to Advocate for Smart Federal Policies
September 10, 2014 ACI-NA Honors 2014 Inclusion Champion Award Winners
September 10, 2014 North American Airports Elect New Board Members
September 9, 2014 ACI-NA World Business Partners and Associates Elect New Members to 2015 Board
September 9, 2014 ACI-NA Presents Downes Award to Arnold Thompson during Annual Conference
September 8, 2014 Carbon Management Standard for Airports Takes Off in North America
September 8, 2014 Airports Are a Trillion-Dollar Powerhouse for U.S. Economy
September 8, 2014 State of the Industry “A New Vision for Airports” Remarks by ACI-NA, President & CEO, Kevin M. Burke
September 8, 2014 ACI-NA Members Unveil Collectible Trading Cards
July 31, 2014 ACI-NA Announces Recipients of 2014 Environmental Achievement Awards
July 23, 2014 ACI-NA Applauds Confirmation of Michael Lawson as U.S. Ambassador to ICAO